PET Writing – Letter about a film


This is part of a letter you receive from a friend.

In your next letter, can you please tell me about a film you like? What’s it about? Why do you like it?

Now write a letter answering your friend’s questions. Write your letter in about 100 words.


Dear Paul,

Thanks for your letter. Answering your question, a film I’ve recently seen I quite enjoyed is Interstellar. It’s a science fiction movie starring Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway set in a post-apocalyptic world where some kind of dust makes life on Earth almost impossible. The main character, a former astronaut, travels to space to find a suitable planet where humankind can settle.

I really liked the special effects and the way the plot develops into a complex theory on how we understand time and space.

Watch the film! I’m sure you’ll like it!

See you,


Rocio @

The Maze Runner – Movie Worksheet

Enjoy 🙂



maze runner 2

Introduction to the movie and the books

The Maze Runner is the first novel in a series of four books (one of them a prequel) by American writer James Dashner.

The novel opens with Thomas, the main character, arriving in the Glade (a vast expanse of land enclosed by high walls) with no memories except his name. There he meets other teenage boys who have appeared in the Glade very much in the same way as Thomas and who also have no memories of their pasts except for their names. The Gladers have created a community where each of the boys has a task in 12 different departments headed by 12 Keepers. A boy named Alby is the head of the Keepers as well as the oldest and the leader of all the Gladers. Sigue leyendo “The Maze Runner – Movie Worksheet”


Rewrite the sentences using the modal verb in capital letters.

Keep updated. I’ll publish the answers in a few days.

  1. Although he lives here, we never see him. MAY
  2. Perhaps she didn’t know you were married. MIGHT
  3. It is unlikely she was enjoying herself. CAN
  4. There’s a slight possibility that he left the car unlocked. COULD
  5. It wasn’t necessary for you to bring me the flowers as I already have a lot. NEED
  6. I advise you to drive more slowly. SHOULD
  7. It would be a good idea for you to leave early. BETTER
  8. Let’s go shopping in town. ABOUT
  9. You are not allowed to leave until the exam has finished. MUST
  10. It wasn’t necessary to get dressed up, so we didn’t. NEED
  11. I’m sure Jenny didn’t crash your car. HAVE
  12. You had better ask for some advice. OUGHT
  13. Would you mind if I use your phone? MAY
  14. I’m pretty positive she’s sleeping. MUST
  15. It’s forbidden to smoke in hospitals. MUST
  16. Let’s go for a walk. SHALL
  17. You mustn’t take photos in the cathedral. ALLOWED
  18. Perhaps she moved to Rome. MIGHT
  19. It wasn’t necessary for them to pay for our meal, but they did. NEED
  20. It’s possible that Ann is looking for a new job. MAY

Rocío @

FCE Rephrasing (Part 1)

A list of sentences to rephrase for the FCE Reading and Use of English Exam.

Remember you need to use from 2 to 5 words including the word given in capital letters.

I will publish the answers in a few days.

1. People say that the famous couple are about to get married.


The famous couple …………………….. about to get married.

2. I find waiting for buses very boring.


I …………………….. waiting for buses.

3. It’s very difficult to predict the weather here.


The weather …………………….. unpredictable here.

Sigue leyendo “FCE Rephrasing (Part 1)”

FCE Writing an Informal Email


Dear Chloe,

Thanks for your email. It’s so great to hear from you! School’s just finished so I’m trying to make up my mind over what to do this summer.

I’m travelling to New York next week and I’m sure it’s going to be awesome! I’ll probably look in on Sarah while I’m there because it’s been ages since we last met. As soon as I get back, I’m planning to visit my grandma in Cordoba. She has this amazing country house where she keeps animals and a huge swimming pool to relax. After that, I’m not really sure of what I’ll do, maybe go to the beach for a few days or just stay at home doing nothing for a change.

Anyway, what I’m sure about is that I won’t be working at all. I have holidays for almost two months and I plan on making the most out of them.

Please, write as soon as possible and let me know what your plans for the summer are. Maybe we can get together soon? Let me know if you are free some time next week. It’d be great to see you again!

Lots of love,