As promised.

1. He may not live here (since we never see him).

2. He might not have known you were married.

3. She can’t have been enjoying herself.

4. She could have left the car unlocked.

5. You needn’t have brought me the flowers.

6. You should drive more slowly.

7. You had better leave early.

8. How about going shopping in town?

9. You mustn’t leave until the exam has finished.

10. We did not need to get dressed up.

11. Jenny can’t have crashed your car.

12. You ought to ask for some advice.

13. May I use your phone?

14. She must be sleeping.

15. You must not smoke in hospitals.

16. Shall we go for a walk?

17. You aren’t allowed to take photos in the cathedral.

18. She might have moved to Rome.

19. They needn’t have paid for our meal.

20. Ann may be looking for a new job.

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