Some notes on Reported Speech



  • We SAY something –> He said, “It is cold today”
  • We SAY TO someone something –> He said to him, “It is cold today”
  • We TELL someone something –> He told him, “It is cold today”

!! With specific expressions,

SAY + good morning / afternoon.., something / nothing.., one’s prayers, so, a few words (I said good morning to him, I said something to her, I said my prayers, Because I said so, I just said a few words)

TELL + the truth, a lie, a secret, a story, the time, the difference, one’s/sb’s name, sb the way, one from another, one’s fortune (He told me the truth / a lie / a secret / a story / the time, She told him the difference between the two, I told him my name, The woman told him the way to the parking lot, I can’t tell one from another, She told him his fortune)

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